Saturday Music School in Paisley

Who We Are

We are a new music school which runs all day on a Saturday in Paisley.

We provide musical tuition in all instruments and individual and group lessons in music theory.

None of our teachers are music students, but have already graduated from some of the best music colleges in the country, and they work as professional musicians and so are in a unique position to help students pass autitions for Further Education or find a route into the profession itself.

Our Facilities

Lessons take place in church halls in the centre of Paisley.

In these halls we have access to :

12 Acoustic Pianos (regularly tuned and maintained)

4 Digital pianos (top of the range instrumens - all of which are less than a year old)

1 Digital Drum Kit 

1 Acoustic Drum Kit

6 Acoustic Guitars (both classical nylon string instruments and steal string)

Sound Recording Equipment (professional level microphones and mixing desks)

Two-manual Pipe Organ

Assorted Percussion

Below is a picture of 7 of the 12 available acoustic pianos we have on site

Some of our services

One-to-one lessons
Our main focus of the school is on training musicians of the future, so we provide instrumental lessons which, generally focuses on, passing Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music exams (Grade 1 to 8), and then certificate and diploma courses.
Audition preperation

Often times, people contact us to prepare for further study at Higher Education level, and we specialise in working students towards Conservatoire or University courses' auditions.

We also provide an accompaning service for those who have a one-off audition for perhaps a role in a musical or solo singing or playing opportunity.


All our students are encouraged to perform on a regular basis, and not only do we provide those oppertunities through concerts we arrange ourselves, but we also keep our students up to date with what suitable events that are heppening in the local area which may be a suitable performing platform for them.

Recenty concerts we have organised ourselves have taken place at:

Paisley Arts Centre

Methodist Central Hall

Paisley Abbey

The Wynd Centre